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Friday, 16 November 2018

Bhangra in Manado 01

 On 20 February 2015, an 11-member Bhangra troupe from Universal Art & Culture Welfare Society, Mohali, Punjab, India presented a wideranging folk dances, songs & music to gathering of about 1,000 people at Ruang Mapalus in the office of the Governor of North Sulawesi in Manado.
H.E. Dr. Sinyo Harry Sarundajang, Governor of the Province of North Sulawesi was the Chief Guest on the occasion.

Other dignitaries present included Tonny Supit, Regent of Sitore Regency; S.R. Mokodongan, Regional Secretary of North Sulawesi Province; Debnath Guharoy, National President of Australia-Indonesia Business Council as well as advisor to Governor on bring Australian investment into North Sulawesi; Happy Korah, Head of the Provincial Department of Tourism & Culture; officials of the Consulate General of the Philippines in Manado; students of local universities and junior & senior high schools; members of the Indian community in Manado and others.

During their hour-long performance, the Indian artists displayed 'Gatka' – the martial art of Sikhs in Punjab, and an electrifying performance of 'Bhangra' from the region of Punjab in north India, besides folk music and folk dance. The orchestra of different traditional musical instruments from Punjab, such as 'Tumbi' – high pitched, single string instrument; 'Algoze' – twin-wooden flute instrument; 'Chimta' – traditional percussion instrument with small metal brass jingles; 'Dhol' – double-headed drum; 'Sapp or Chikka' - a musical instrument native to Punjab, was also presented. The audience thoroughly enjoyed their performances in colourful costumes and wonderful music and danced on each item.

The North Sulawesi Performing Art presented their mix of choir & ethnic music, while a Bollywood song 'koi mil gaya' was sung and played on their traditional musical instrument 'Kolintang', to huge applause and appreciation of entire audience.

 Bhangra in Manado 02

 Speaking on the occasion, the Hon'ble Governor of North Sulawesi elaborated on the strong cultural relations between India and Indonesia and offered his full support for the Sahabat India – Festival of India. He informed the audience of the availability of scholarships for students for higher education and officials for capacity building training in India and welcomed these initiatives of the Government of India. He stated that the Province of North Sulawesi would offer all assistance and facilities not only to deepen people-to-people contacts but also increasing trade and economic relations with India. He stated that they would be keen to establish sister-City/State relations with India.

The Consul General thanked the Governor and his entire Administration for their whole-hearted support and arrangements for the Sahabat India events in North Sulawesi and looked forward to intensified contacts and progress in all fields of bilateral relationship with the Province of North Sulawesi.

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