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Sunday, 16 June 2019
On 15 March 2015, the historic Puputan Badung Park in central Denpasar was full of happy people playing Holi with each other with Gulal, scented dry colours available in vibrant shades, and dancing on popular Holi songs from India. The huge mass of people did not only have Indians but also Balinese young and old as well as local expatriates and visiting tourists, who all wanted to enjoy the fun and happiness that Holi – the Festival of Colours – brings about. 
 Holi 01
Over 1,500 people participated in the Holi celebration, with their faces and their clothes coloured with various shades of Gulal, and danced to the tunes of Indian Holi songs, including popular Bollywood numbers. The participants included the entire families, along with kids as well as students from the local school and universities.
Holi 02

The celebration was part of the on-going Sahabat India – Festival of India in Indonesia 2015 aimed at strengthening people-to-people level connectivity, primarily focusing on youth of both countries. Young boys and girls, enjoying the festival of colours, took their photos with the Sahabat India backdrop & logo.

The Holi celebration was the first-ever large-scale public celebration organized by the Consulate General of India in Bali, with active support and collaboration with the Denpasar City Administration. The members of Indian, Balinese and expatriate communities attended the event in large number and appreciated the initiative.

The festival of colours was followed up with a variant of Holi – 'Phoolon ki Holi' – performed by 15 young artistes from Charkula Arts Academy in Mathura – Province of Uttar Pradesh in northern India.

The performers played Holi with flower petals rather than with the colours. The Phoolon ki Holi performance was based on the platonic love of Lord Krishna with Radha.

Holi 03
The artistes beautifully performed peacock dance (mayur nritya) with huge real peacock feathers tied to their backs. Their performance was indeed unique and fabulous. The audience greatly appreciated and applauded each of their moves.
 Holi 04

The dances were accompanied by bhajans from the Braj region sung by six vocalists with traditional and modern musical instruments. These were soothing to the ears and were in praise of Lord Krishna and Radha Rani.

Earlier, while delivering his welcome remarks, Consul General A.S. Takhi elaborated on the Sahabat India initiative and its various programmes. He informed that these twin back-to-back Holi events were first-ever public celebration of the worldwide-popular Festival of Colours in Denpasar in a historic park where the first Prime Minister of India had addressed the Balinese people during his State visit to Indonesia in June 1950. He invited the Balinese people to visit contemporary India and experience its progress made possible by its youthful and energetic population. He invited Balinese students, teachers/lecturers and academicians to consider making India as a destination for their higher studies, including under the fully-funded scholarship schemes from the Government of India. He also advised the working level officials at the provincial and regional levels to utilize capacity building programmes offered by India.

 Holi 05

He delivered his remarks in Hindi language and motivated the Balinese students to learn Hindi, for which free classes are held twice-a week at the Consulate premises. Prabhu Made Darmayasa, a respected spiritual figure who spent 23 years in India working and pursuing spiritual education, provided simultaneous interpretation of Consul General's remarks in Bahasa Indonesia.

The Consul General emphasized the role of ancient art of Yoga from India in ensuring well-being and health of all human beings and informed that June 21 will be celebrated as the International Day of Yoga around the world, including in Denpasar, Bali, and invited all to participate in the event. He also conveyed his gratitude to Indonesia for their support to promotion of Yoga.

 Holi 06

Senator Dr. Shri I Gusti Ngurah Arya Wedakarna, one of the four members of the Upper House of Indonesian Parliament (DPD) from the Province of Bali, highly welcomed and appreciated the Sahabat India initiative launched by the Consulate General of India in Bali to bring together people of two friendly countries. He stated that it is imperative that all Balinese connect & learn from India, where the roots of Balinese culture come from. He committed that he would re-engage with the Consulate and support all its forthcoming programmes, including under the on-going Sahabat India – Festival of India in Indonesia. He further committed to extend all his support to facilitating the largest ever Yoga event in Denpasar, Bali on June 21, which may enter into the Indonesian World Records Museum (MURI).

A 'Holi Bazaar' with stalls from two Indian restaurants – Sitara in Denpasar & Little India in Ubud – as well as one food provisions store – The Indian Store – attracted large number of customers for their variety of Indian cuisine, jewellery items, spiritual articles, handicrafts and others.

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