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Friday, 18 January 2019

An important and most interesting prehistoric artifact of Ancient Man found on the island of Bintan, that has so far been kept under wraps, has finally been revealed: here is a Shells Midden that dates back some 3,000 to 5,000 years ago nestled among cool coconut groves.

A shells midden, otherwise known by archeologists as Kjökkenmöddinger is a hill of mollusk shells originally a prehistoric kitchen dump of domestic waste that on Bintan reaches 4 meters high, that scientists believe have been thrown by ancient man. This shells midden, originally one among three, is located at Kawal Darat in the sub-dsitrict of Kawal at Gunung Kijang near Trikora Beach. Unfortunately the other two middens have meantime been destroyed by the population to make way for palm oil groves, completely unaware of their most precious value.

At a glance, the site at Kawal Darat looks like any ordinary hill but on closer inspection one sees that it consists primarily of shells, which is odd, since the site is located inland and 12 meters above sea level. The entire site is approximately 100 sq meters while the mound itself measures 18 m by 24 m. Among the shells are also found stones to crack the mollusks, spoons or picks to remove the meat, made from deer horn, and pottery shards. It is estimated that the mound dates back to the Mesolithiicum Age or the Middle Stone Age which is a transition period from the period when ancient man lived from hunting and gathering to settling down and working the fields in agriculture.

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