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Thursday, 20 June 2019

Supporting the 60th Commemoration of Asian African Conference this coming April, the Ministry of Tourism will present 19 supporting side events which include 9 events in the capital city of Jakarta and 10 events in Bandung, host of the historical Asian African Conference.

A number of the side events are taking place a month prior to the commemoration, including: Tourism Promotion, Asian African Carnival, Parliamentary Discussion Forum, South-south Triangular Cooperation Workshop and Exhibition, Indonesia Heritage Exhibition, Asian African Documentation Collection Exhibition, New Asia Youth Conference 2015, Asia Africa Business Summit (AABS), Working Lunch SIDS, and more.

In Bandung, capital city of West Java Province, the side events will be centered at three main historical sites: The Merdeka Building-Asian African Conference Museum complex, the Dwi Warna Building, and Tegallega Square. The three sites are considered to have played a historical role in the formulation and birth of the "Bandung Declaration".

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