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Friday, 18 January 2019

Indonesia's Ministry of Tourism recently announced that Indonesia has succeeded in rising 20 rungs to 50th place overall from its previous position at no. 70 from among 141 countries evaluated by the World Economic Forum (WEF).

In 2014 some 8.8 million international visitors came to Indonesia due to the government's national prioritization of the industry (ranking 15thplace on this item) and continued investment in infrastructure.

Indonesia's mobile network today also covers all areas of this sprawling archipelago; its air transport infrastructure has been expanded now reaching 39th position with ground transport at 77th.

These developments support Indonesia's main competitive advantages which are: price competitiveness (3rd place) and rich natural resources (19th), including its amazing biodiversity (ranking 4th on the Total known species indicator) as well as a number of the country's heritage sites (10th).

On the other hand on the more negative side, WEF assessed that given the country's and tourism's dependence on natural resources, however, Indonesia is not placing enough emphasis on environmental sustainability (given a low 134th place). Deforestation (97th) is also endangering species (129th), and only a minimal fraction of the water used is treated (117th). There are also concerns relating to safety and security, specifically the business cost of terrorism (104th).

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