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Thursday, 20 June 2019

Mandeh Island

West Sumatra has discovered a new Destination for Divers : the Mandeh Islands, located in the south- west of the Province, in the Regency of Pesisir Selatan (the Southern Coast), located some 65 km from the province's capital city, Padang.

Viewed from a vantage point on shore one can see dozens of picturesque islands scattered over crystal clear blue waters of the Indian Ocean.

"There are no less than 8 dive spots around Mandeh, located in the north of the islands of Cubadak, Pagang, Seronjok and others. There is also a wreck of a Dutch ship, ideal for divers to explore at a depth of 27 meters", said H. Nasrul Abit, Regent of the Pesisir Selatan. There are also many locations for snorkeling or boating around the islands. Costing only around Rp. 350,000 for a whole day boat rental, visitors can enjoy a perfect holiday.

Next to these are other smaller islands to explore like Setan Kecil, Setan Besar and Pulau Nyamuk perfect for swimming as the waters are reasonably calm there.

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