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Sunday, 16 June 2019

As the world turns increasingly herbal, Indonesia delves into her multiple traditions across the archipelago and discovers, then revives Indonesia's Traditional Spa treatments. One of these is from the home-grown ethnic group of Jakarta itself : the Betawi.

Every bride definitely wants to look her most beautiful on her wedding day. Beautiful make up and an out-of- this -world wedding dress, nonetheless, are incomplete without her inner beauty shining from within. The Betawi ethnic group of the capital city Jakarta understands this well and therefore apply their traditional spa treatment, that has been handed down the generations, to bring out the perfect beauty of the bride on her wedding day. The Betawi call their traditional spa treatment : Tangas.

Tangas is a sequence of treatments that include body scrubs and a flower bath accompanied by chants and prayers. It is then followed by the bride drinking the traditional herbal drink called Jamu.

Aside for weddings, Tangas is also applied to maintain the natural beauty of any woman. There are also other traditional post natal treatment and for elderly women.


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