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Tuesday, 21 May 2019

For one whole month from 18 August through 16 September 2015 the island of Lombok, next door neighbor to the paradise island of Bali- will come alive showcasing the best of the islands of Lombok and Sumbawa in the West Nusatenggara Province.

While, in actual fact featuring an array of cultural aspects and natural beauty of the islands for one month, the events come under the title: Lombok Pearl Festival 2015, Pearls being this region's top product and main attraction.

No less than 24 events will be rolled out among which a week long exhibition of the best in Lombok and Sumbawa hand-woven textiles. This will be followed by displays of various creative products for which Lombok is famous, that include its fine pottery, bamboo crafts, silverwork, and more. There will also be the Mataram Carnival, Regional Cultural Performances, a Cultural Dialogue, folk games, wayang potehiperformances and the Miss West Nusatenggara Pageant.

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