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Thursday, 20 June 2019

Crafina Indonesia

One of the largest handicrafts exhibitions in Indonesia, CRAFINA 2015, will again be held from 7th to 11th October 2015 in Hall A, Hall B, and the lobby of the Jakarta Convention Center, Jakarta.

Entering its 8th edition this year, the event underlines the theme: "From Natural Resources to Creative Products for Lifestyle", expressing fresh "colors" and ambience and market innovative and attractive handicraft products.

As closing event to all handicraft exhibitions during the year, CRAFINA will introduce, showcase, and bring to market some of the finest crafts from all over the Indonesian Archipelago in answer to the challenges faced vis-a-vis the ever changing dynamic lifestyles.

CRAFINA is a special exhibition of handicrafts which features all of the elements including earth, wood, stone, and various other materials that are designed in line with current trends and lifestyles to create some of the most top products. Among some on display will be Souvenirs, Gift items, houseware, decorative items, jewelry, fashion and accessories, and a whole lot more. Target buyers of CRAFINA 2014 are predominantly the youth and young families. Products will feature all elements of currently trending global lifestyle but which are still rooted in and expressing strong Indonesian cultural features.

Over the years, CRAFINA has continued to serve as an effective media for handicraft industries and stakeholders across the country to introduce, promote, and market products by emphasizing their authenticity, unique cultural features, and aesthetic values. The event also specifically supports emerging small and medium handicraft businesses to learn and experience participating in exhibitions, while expanding their promotional range.

The event is expected to accommodate first time participants to INACRAFT as well as regular participants who still wish to be involved in similar events.

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