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Friday, 18 January 2019


Trip Advisor has chosen the unique Ullen Sentalu Museum on the slopes of Mt. Merapi near Yogyakarta as the Best Museum in Indonesia.

Located on Jalan Boyong at the Kaliurang mountain resort, this gem of a museum relates the story of the ancient and Modern Mataram kingdom, whose descendents are today the Sultan of Yogyakarta, the Sunan of Solo and the royal Houses of Mangkunegaran and Paku Alaman.

The displays, lighting and guides of this museum are excellent and provide that particular aura of being in the presence of Javanese royalty imbued with a long tradition and mysticism enhanced by its location that looks out to the mystical Mt. Merapi.

Upon arrival, visitors are led through a small path to a cave called the Gua Selo Giri where visitors hear the history of the House of Mataram. Then follows an open area called Kampung Kambang, which has a floating hall comprising 5 rooms. Called the Life of Tineke (a girl's name) together they depict the life of a young princess. The rooms are filled with amazing batiks from various regions, preparations for a royal wedding, to the story of a real princess who rejected a polygamous marriage.


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