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Wednesday, 14 November 2018

After the absence of last year's edition, the exciting cycling race, the Nongsa Challenge will again take place on Batam Island on 14th February 2016. Participants leave from the Harbour Front Terminal in Singapore heading to Batam Center,then on to Nongsa where the real challenge of the Nongsa circuit awaits.

From Batam Center pier contestants will continue riding in their respective Peloton's, maintaining a neutral pace until out of the city. The pelotons will then head towards Nongsa and once on the Nongsa circuit, each will complete the course in a clockwise direction. Category 1 and 2 will compete over 7 laps while category 3 and women compete over a total of 5 laps. The Nongsa circuit itself is a 12km loop with each loop covering 175m of uphill terrain.

The race will be timed, the laps counted electronically, assisted by full mechanical support, and water, electrolytes and medics on hand and medivac procedures in place for emergency medical cases.

Each lap will have KOM (King of Mountain) points for the top10 cyclists with the final sprint being the 1km long climb with a 70m slope to Turi Beach/Nongsa Point Marina. The final KOM will be awarded double points which conclude the KOM calculations for the day. Having recovered from the final climb, riders will be directed to a sumptuous lunch buffet where they can relax and unwind with fellow riders. Prize giving will follow shortly after.

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