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Thursday, 20 June 2019

The Regional Government of Ternate together with the Sultan of Ternate will stage the Legu Gam Festival on 1st to 14 March 2016, to beheld earlier this year in conjunction with the total solar eclipse, which will occur on 9 March 2016. To date hundreds of people from around the world have already booked to come to Ternate, being one of the places in Indonesia where the eclipse can be viewed the longest. In this context, therefore, the local government plans at the same time to show visitors the best of culture and tradition that this region has to offer.

The festival used to be held annually in April to celebrate the birthday of the late Sultan of Ternate, Mudhafar Sjah. The occasion is filled with cultural performances, and a folk fiesta where are sold a wide variety of handicrafts and culinary treats specific to Ternate.

At Legu Gam, visitors will enjoy watching the arts and culture of North Maluku, with highlight the traditional procession in which the Sultanand his spouse would ride from the palace to the central Ngara Lamo Field. Meantime, booths of local businesses and community organizations enliven the Selero Square in the city of Ternate.

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