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Friday, 18 January 2019

The picturesque and romantic town of Ubud in Bali – more renowned through the book and film Eat, Pray Love, - is set to present another dish to its visitors, namely: the Ubud Food Festival 2016 from 27-29 May 2016. To be staged at Jalan Raja Sanggingan at the Kitchen Stage, some 60 chefs from Indonesia and around the world will compete to create Bali's wellknown and loved dishes: the sate lilit, bebek goreng (fried duck), ayam (chicken) betutu, sambal matah and more to be witnessed, tasted and enjoyed by all onlookers.

This is the second time that the Committee has set the theme 'Go Local' to introduce and popularize Indonesia's own genuine mouthwatering cuisine. "Through the culinary art we wish to present Indonesia's intricate cultural background, history and culinary traditions. Experts will be present to explain in-depth the meaning and health essentials of the various dishes and ingredients, while enjoying the wonderful natural and cultural surroundings of Ubud, said Janet De Neefe, Founder and Director of the Ubud Food Festival.

A number of well-loved and famous chefs will be present at UFF continued Janet, among whom is Sisca Soewitomo, popular presenter on Indonesian television who has also published a number of books on Indonesian cuisine.

Another well known personality is William Wongso, today Chef of the President, who will launch his book "Flavors of Indonesia". William Wongso will also share his long journey to discover and revitalize Indonesia's diverse cuisines.

Another famous chef on Television who will be present is Farah Quinn, as well as Petty Eliott, presenting modern Indonesian cuisine, who will carry the theme "Go Local". Also present at UFF 2016 are well known Bondan Winarno, Chef Mandif Warokka, first Indonesian Michelin Chef Medalist, besides Bara Pattiradjawane, Rahung Nasution, and other well-loved culinary celebrities.

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