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Sunday, 16 June 2019


Get ready to try your tenacity. Those seeking a different kind of adventure, here is your challenge to conquer the "brutal trail" of Mt. Rinjani on the island of Lombok. Come join the hundreds of runners in the Rinjani 100 competitive run, previously called Mt. Rinjani Ultra, to be held from 29 July -31 July 2016.


Towering 3,726 meters above sea level Mt Rinjani overlooks the beautiful island of Lombok, with the island of Bali on the horizon. Some 600 meters down the slopes of the crater is the magnificent crescent shaped Segara Anak crater lake. The locals hold this as sacred ground since the word Rinjani comes from the Old Javanese language meaning: the Almighty God. Until today, Hindu Balinese still bring offerings to the spirit of the mountain.

Ultra Rinjani100opens 4 categories, namely the 100K run, 60K, 36K and 27K. The 100K and 60Kruns start in the village of Senaru then climbing up steep and rough terrain up to the village of Sembalun. While the 36K and 27K will start from and finish at the village of Sembalun.

Though strenuous and trekking over difficult trails, yet the fascinating scenery of green valleys, the sight of wildlife and unusual flowers and vegetation on the way and being warmly greeted by villagers, will make it all very much worth all your while.

The event is organized by Fonesport and supported by the Ministry of Tourism, the regional government of West Nusatenggara, KOI, Mt. Rinjani National Park and the Lombok and Beyond travel agency who is charged with transport and accommodation of participants.

Since the competition is within the national park, competitors are asked to be constantly aware of the fragile environment. There are parts of trails where runners are not allowed to overtake one another to avoid running over flowers and frail plants.

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