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Wednesday, 12 December 2018


Unveiling the beauty of the sacred highlands of Toraja in South Sulawesi Province, the Toraja International Festival (TIF) will be held again this year on 17th to 19th August 2016. Entering its 4th edition, the festival will be centered at Pallawa' and the Ancient Village of Ke'te' Kesu in Rantepao, North Toraja Regency.

If in 2014, the festival was highlighted with Mabua -a ritual tradition that put women on the highest spiritual level, and in 2015 followed by Mabugi -a unique colossal dance and song theatrical performance, this year the festival will feature a special Toraja Opera in a colossal performance combining all national and international artists participating in the festival.

Showcasing their spellbinding talents, this year the festival will feature performances by participating artists from other countries including the Vieux Cissokho & Maryam Kouyate from Senegal, Helga Sedli from Hungary, Tony Jayatissa from Malaysia, and Kuweit Tune from the Middle East. Meanwhile, one of Indonesian most renowned singer Glenn Fredly will also perform with his group The Bakucakar.

As always, the festival will also be highlighted with Toraja's own unique and sacred traditional attractions such as the Pompang, Manganda, Manimbong, Madandan, Pagelu, and Tomina. The festival will also showcase other fascinating traditional art of other parts of Indonesia such as Pepe-pepe Fire Dance from Gowa, South Sulawesi, and Dayak Hudoq Dance from East Kalimantan. Aside from various art performances, there will also be Choir Competitions and Handicrafts Exhibition in Palawa' Village.

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