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Wednesday, 12 December 2018


Watch a truly unique Festival held on remote Lembata, the island best known for its heart stopping traditional whale hunt to support the villagers' subsistence living. Here on Lembata, by the big island of Flores in the East Nusatenggara province, the Nuhannera Marine Festival 2016 will take place from 12th to 15th August 2015 at the Nuhannera Cape, Waienga Bay, in the Lebatukan District on Lembata island.

The four days' event features exciting traditional boat rowing competition among locals to test the prowess of each man, swimming across the bay and fun fishing, To top it off there will be traditional and motorized boat parade and traditional art performances. To show off the wonders of the seas, an Underwater photography competition will also be held, but there will also be a beach & sea cleaning campaign, as well as social programs in 14 villages, all aimed at introducing the Waienga Bay to become one of the tourist icons of Lembata. the Nuhannera marine festival forms part of a series of promotional events which will also include the Atadei-Lamelera Explore & Batutara Expedition, Daventure Festival, and Lamalohot Festival.

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