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Tuesday, 21 May 2019


The Lake Toba Independence Day Carnival held over the two days of last weekend at Lake Toba, the second largest lake in the world, was by all measures an indisputably resounding success.

The beauty of the mountains and the huge lake lit up by thousands of fireworks accompanied by contemporary music brought by Indonesia's popular singers on a floating stage on Saturday night, and the next day an endless parade of color and pomp presenting dances and traditions of all seven districts surrounding Toba, cheered on by tens of thousands of school children and inhabitants in their colorful traditional costumes, was a memory to last a lifetime.


The task to implement and coordinate this huge and intricate event fell on the shoulders of the Minister of Tourism, Arief Yahya and his staff working together with the local governments, the people and artists, who all deserve kudos. In fact for 2 days Lake Toba Carnival became the number one trending topic in social media.
But what now? Will all that just remain a beautiful memory?

In fact, the purpose to hold this year's National Day Carnival around Lake Toba held a deeper goal, namely to lift and revitalize the huge Lake Toba area in North Sumatra, with the support of all its stakeholders, and most importantly of its local inhabitants to become one of Indonesia's 10 top Tourist Destinations by 2019.

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