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Tuesday, 14 August 2018


Situated at the west- most end of Java Island, across the majestic Krakatau Volcanic Islands in the Sunda Strait, the Tanjung Lesung Resort in Banten Province will come alive with festivities when the Tanjung Lesung Marine Festival takes place from 18th to 20th November 2016.

The festival will be highlighted with a range of exciting activities that include a Photography Contest, 'Jukung' Boat competition and Joy Sailing, Batik Cikadu fabric Launch, Wonderful Banten Brand Launch, Tourism Human Resources Seminar, Scout Camp, 'Bebegig' (Scarecrow) Festival, Culinary and handicraft Bazaar, and a whole lot more. There will also be a series of business forums aimed to attract investors to further develop tourism in this priority destination.

The traditional Jukung Boat competition will feature the Jukung race, decorated Jukung competition, as well as the unique Jukung tug-of-war. Moreover, the festival will also be joined by sail boats participating in the Sail Regatta. "The Festival itself will be centered at Tanjung Lesung resort. During the opening ceremony, we will present the distinct traditional music and dances of Banten" said Basith Joma, member of the organizing committee.

In conjunction with the festival, there will also be the official opening of the "Lesung" Museum, which will be the first of its kind in Indonesia and the world.

Lesung – from which the area received its name- is a traditional long mortar-like tool used usually by a group of women to pound rice that has been placed in a long receptacle known as 'Alu' as its pestle. The use of Lesung to process rice is common in the agricultural culture of Banten as well as in many other places across the Indonesian Archipelago. While Tanjung Lesung itself resembles the shape of the lesung, hence the name Tanjung Lesung which means cape of lesung.

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