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Tuesday, 14 August 2018


Still wondering what to do and where to go in December? Try the special sensation of running under the moon that shines in the clear night sky by the beach on Bintan island. This December, head to the island of Bintan in the Riau Archipelago and participate in the Bintan Moon Run 2016 that will take place on Saturday, 3rd December 2016 around the largest manmade lake in the Lagoi Bay, Bintan Resort.

Moon Run is not your everyday running race - expect to experience a moon lake run that will provide both competitive runners and their families a first of its kind night run that is fun, enlightening and engaging. What is more, after the run continue to enjoy the music and fun at the Soundscape Music Concert.

Get ready for both the Moon Run 10KM Sprint and the Moon Run Kids Dash. The 10KM Moon Run Sprint is perfect for athletes of all levels; from first timers to seasoned 'Moonrunners'. The 500m Moon Run Kids Dash sets the tone for the first of its kind night run festival.

Each Moonrunner racer who completes the race will receive a coveted official Moon Run Finisher T-shirt and Moon Run medal after crossing the finish line. A trophy and cash prizes will also be awarded to the winners of the Moon Run Moonrunner 10KM Sprint and Kids Dash Moon Runner Moon Run categories.

Together with the inaugural edition Bintan Moon Run, there will also be the Soundscape Music Concert featuring some of the most renowned musicians of the country. Moon Run participants are FREE to attend this festival, but, the rest can still join the party by purchasing tickets.

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