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Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Looking for awesome batiks, art pieces, souvenirs, antiques and other products at bargain price and great discounts? Then head to the royal city of Solo in Central Java Province and get ready for a special shopping fiesta called the Solo Great Sale 2017, from 1st to 28th February 2017.

During the full month of February, tourists, shopping enthusiasts, and virtually everyone will be indulged with discount galore in almost all shopping centers and malls, hotels, restaurants, shops, as well as other businesses outlets throughout the city.


Considering that the timing falls together with Chinese New Year and Cap Goh Meh, visitors to Solo should not miss the Solo Imlek (Chinese New Year) Festival, and the Grebeg Sudiro parade, a unique synthesis between Javanese and Chinese traditions, when large mountains of food and fruits are carried around the city then are open for grabs, free for all.

Additionally there will be the Jenang Festival; the Solo Anniversary Commemoration celebrations; a Art and Cultural Festival; a Small and Medium Scale Businesses Products Exhibition, a Solo Fashion Parade, a Solo Carnival, and a whole lot more.

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