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Tuesday, 14 August 2018


Directly on the border with Sarawak, in Malaysia, the Sanggau Regency in Indonesia's West Kalimantan province will stage the Cross-Border Festival themed "Sanggau Forward and Beyond".

To be held from 2nd to 8th April 2017, the Festival will feature Indonesia's "Dangdut" rising star Siti Badriah, who already counts thousands of devoted fans in Malaysia. Dangdut is a popular music genre created in Indonesia that fuses Indian beat and rhythm with Indonesian traditional and popular music, which has fast spread in popularity to Malaysia, Singapore and other Southeast Asian countries.


The Festival will feature bands, art and cultural performances, as well as various other fascinating activities, with in the spotlight Siti Badriah.

Other highlights of the festival include traditional rituals of the Malay ethnic group; Dayak traditional rituals from the sub ethnic groups at Pangkodan and Pompang; the Daranante and Babi Cinga Statues Design Competition; the Terompang Panjang Fishing Competition; traditional Sumpit Blowpipes competition; Ulung Ali Traditional boat competition; traditional sports and games ; traditional culinary festival; Bapanok art performances; a tour to the tombs of Kings and sacred sites; and a whole lot more.

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