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Tuesday, 14 August 2018


The annual festival of the grand arts on the enchanting island of Bali will again throw the spotlight on the unique Balinese arts and culture that are so unique to the island. The 39th edition of the annual Bali Arts Festival will be rolled out from 10th June to 9th July 2017, to be centered at Bali's Art Center in Denpasar, capital of Bali Province.

For one full month, the best of Bali's dances, music, and artistic expressions will be on display as Bali showcases its best cultural presentations. There will be daily performances of dance and music alongside countless related cultural and commercial activities during which literally the whole of Bali will converge on the city to present offerings of dance, music and beauty. The month-long festival will commence with a parade of performers, a pageant of arts and glittering costumes from all districts in Bali and other Indonesian provinces.

This year, the Festival presents the theme "Ulun Danu": Preserving Water as the Source of Life. Simply translated as Sea or Lake, Ulun Danu has a profound philosophy for the Balinese. Ulun Danu is seen as an indigenous wisdom of how we must manage, preserve, and honor water, not onlyas the source of life, but also for prosperity and civilization. The great values, philosophy, and wisdoms of Ulun Danu is the source of inspiration and creation expressed in the various art presentations at the Bali Arts Festival 2017.

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