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Tuesday, 14 August 2018


Presenting the vibrant cultures from various ethnic groups that surround the mesmerizing Lake Sentani in the Jayapura Regency, Papua Province, the exciting annual Lake Sentani Festival will again take place this year from 19thto 23rd June 2017, centered at the special Tourist area of Khalkhote in East Sentani. This year, the festival carries the theme "One in Diversity to Achieve Greatness" which reflects the spirit of unity and harmony shared by the diverse clans around the lake.

Lake Sentani is one of the largest lakes on the island of Papua, - Indonesia's most easterly province - located near the provincial capital city, Jayapura, on the north eastern coast of the Indonesian side of New Guinea. On the lake are houses on stilts equipped with nets to haul in the daily fish catch. There are more than 33 species of fish found in Lake Sentani with half of these endemic. Tourists to Sentani enjoy swimming in the lake, chat with the friendly locals, watch the process of making sago, try the local delicacies or taste the matoa fruit that is found in abundance sold along the roads or in the local market

As in previous years, the event will be highlighted with a range of fascinating cultural attractions presented by different tribes living around Lake Sentani which will be performed both on land and on the huge lake. The festival will also introduce regional songs, handicrafts, culinary contests and bazaars, as well as hair braiding as features of local culture. The festival will also offer some of the best products of the region including cocoa, coffee, and dragon fruit, Batik Papua textiles, tree bark crafts, and a whole lot more.

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