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Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Keeping up the tradition of annual international sailing events across the stunning Indonesian seas, the Multihull Solutions-Wonderful Sail 2 Indonesia 2017 will again take sailing ships and yachts for over 3 months from 23rd July to 20 October 2017 , to explore the many beautiful islands with all their natural and cultural wonders.

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Entering its 3rd edition this year, the Multihull Solutions and the Ministry of Tourism as organizers promised an even bigger sailing event than previous years with more destinations on the itinerary.

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"For over 3 months, rally participants will explore a wide variety of pristine exotic destinations stretching from the Moluccas and Flores in the east to the Riau islands in the western part of Indonesia. From southeast Maluku-Banda Neira-Namroli– to Wanci in the Wakatobi underwater paradise in Southeast Sulawesi and other fascinating islands, participants will be indulged with the outstanding beauty across the archipelago" said Raymond T Lesmana, representing the Organizers.

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