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Sunday, 16 June 2019

Renowned for its amazing underwater wonders, the Lembeh Strait by the port town Bitung near the city of Manado, capital of North Sulawesi Province, will come alive with a large variety of festivities when the Lembeh Strait Festival takes place from 6th to 10th October 2017.

Image source: Kabar 24

Lembeh Strait Festival is an annual event held in conjunction with the anniversary of Bitung Town which falls on 10th October 2017. Presenting the intriguing splendors of Lembeh Strait, the festival will be highlighted with an array of exciting activities including a Colossal Traditional Dance Performance, a Culinary Fiesta, Ships and Boats Parade, Tuna Festival, Swimming Competition, Coral Planting, an Art and Cultural Performances, 10K Run, Photography Competition and a whole lot more.

Famous for its amazing photogenic and curious underwater critters, the Lembeh Strait is a long and narrow strip that separates the mainland of Sulawesi and Lembeh Island. Administratively included as part of the port city of Bitung, situated not too far from Manado, here one can discover a completely different world filled with fascinating and most colorful tropical underwater life. The Lembeh Strait stretches 16 km long and is only 1.2 kilometers wide, yet in these narrow waters no less than 88 diving spots have been discovered.

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