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Sunday, 16 June 2019


Mark your calendar and prepare yourself for an exceptional cultural fiesta!

This coming November, some fascinating, rare cultural attractions and other splendors of the islands of Nias, off the western coast of North Sumatra, will be presented in the Ya'ahowu Festival 2017, which is scheduled to take place from 23rd to 26th November 2017, and centered at Gunungsitoli, the largest city on the islands.


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Better known as a surf paradise with rolling barrels located in the Indian Ocean, Nias, in fact, hides an ancient megalithic culture that is still very much alive until today. Here are not only complete megalithic villages but its living culture still thrives until today. These will be the highlight of the Ya'ahowu Festival.

For 5 full consecutive days, intriguing art performances and cultural traditions from across the Nias Islands will highlight the festival. All district governments together with the people of Nias will showcase their finest performances. Among these is the legendary barefeet stone jumping tradition called Fahombo, as well as other unique folk games such as Rago Ue, Fafusi, Fabelugama, and Fabiri.

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