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Tuesday, 14 August 2018


Continuing the tradition of annual sailing rallies across the vast Indonesian seas, the Sail Indonesia 2017 Rally will again take place this year starting from the month of August to December. This year, the pinnacle of Sail Indonesia 2017 series will be the Sail Sabang 2017 to be heldat Indonesia's most north western tip in Sabang on Weh Island, in the Aceh Province. Sail Sabang 2017 is, therefore, scheduled to be held from 1st to December 2017.

Sail Sabang 2017 will be centered at the Bay of Sabang, while on land will be a Festival to include the Sabang Fair, the Gapang Resort, and the Zero (0) kilometer point in Indonesia. This grand event will feature a wide range of exciting activities among which a Yacht Rally, Science Seminar and Exhibition, the Aceh Cultural Week, the Sail Sabang Parade, International Aerobatic Show, Parachuting Championship, Sabang Wonderful Expo and Marine Expo, a Sabang Underwater Photography Competition at Iboih and Gapang Beach, Free Dive Championship, Fishing Competitions around Rondo Island, and plenty more.

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