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Wed, 08 August 2018

For the Asian Games 2018, which will take place in Jakarta and Palembang and start on 18 August 2018, the government has selected 3 among Indonesia's many unique wildlife as mascots, to simultaneously promote these for their protection and conservation.

Bhin bhin, the enchanting colorful Bird of Paradise that is endemic to Papua and Raja Ampat
Atung : the Bawean deer, that is now found only on this tiny island off the city of Surabaya, and
Kaka : the one-horned Javan Rhino, now only found in the protected Ujung Kulon National Park, at the east-most corner of Java.

Together they symbolize Indonesia's diversity in culture as well as in wildlife. Bhin bhin the Bird of Paradise stands for Strategy; Atung the Bawean Deer stands for Speed and a fighting spirit to never-give-up ; while Kaka the one-horned rhino stands for strength and power: all qualities expected in athletes competing in Asian Games 2018.

Image source: Media Darling

The bewitchingly beautiful Bird of Paradise

The stunning, colorful and bewitchingly beautiful Birds of Paradise are endemic to the eastern-most part of Indonesia, in Papua and the Moluccas. Of the 42 species found here, 40 inhabit Papua and 2 are in the Maluku Islands.

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