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Friday, 18 January 2019

The School of Life

As an urban citizen who lives in a crazy, hectic city like Jakarta, it is common to suffer from daily stresses. The root cause of stress here can come from various sources, including traffic, work and even family matters. An escape to a quiet and serene getaway is sometimes desperately needed. This is how I discovered a program called The School of Life in Tembok Village in North Bali.

I have never been a believer in the whole holistic way of living and think that yoga is meant only for cats. However, after a particularly stressful period at work, I thought, “Why not?” Spa Village Resort Tembok Bali, one of YTL hotel collections, which is located in Tembok Village in North Bali, is the resort that originated this program in the first place. The resort understands that as city dwellers, we need more then just a normal getaway. Hence, they came up with this program called The School of Life to bring back a healthier lifestyle in a gentle and unintimidating natural environment. So I checked myself in for 5 days to try it out.

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